About Us

What we believe

The Thirty Three Group's teaching philosophy centres around a fundamental and simplified approach to the game.

Our aim is to make the hard saves look easy, and the impossible saves seem routine.

The basics of meticulous amounts of edge work, puck tracking, and step-by-step drill progressions lay a foundation that seamlessly eases students into the finer details of the position.

Knowledge and skills

We deliver training for skill levels ranging from beginners to advanced.
We focus on 3 key areas:
Mind, Method, and Mobility.


  • Personalized pre/intra game routines
  • Correct self-talk / reset techniques
  • Proper habit formation
  • Life-focused discussion with hockey specific references


  • Proper puck tracking
  • Finnish-style edge work
  • Zone play
  • Save selection options
  • In-crease routes
  • Puckhandling / Playing the puck


  • Hand-eye ball work
  • Eye convergence / divergence
  • Static stretching routines
  • Mobility routines
  • Referrals to top athletic therapists and trainers
Creed Jones
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