Take your game to the next level!
Reach your highest potential (and have some fun at the same time)

Private Sessions

A private lesson is a one-on-one lesson that would initially involve goaltender-specific movement drills followed by the game situation, rebound control drills and individual save selection drills. All drills would be designed to attack observed weaknesses and areas of goalies concern.

Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-private sessions are used to work on areas of a goaltender's development identified in evaluation sessions. Unlike other programs, each session is limited to two goalies per instructor (2:1 goalie to instructor ratio). These sessions are great for teams with 2 goalies.

Group Sessions

One of the biggest issues during team practices today is the lack of attention on goaltenders. Most coaches, through no fault of their own, focus on areas they know well. Our group session are a great way to improve your skills and get dedicated training to improve your skills.

Hockey is a game, and the best part is the fun!

Things to remember

Hockey is a game.

Hockey is an amazing place to develop physical, mental and social skills that benefit us for life.

Hockey is a place where we compete with others and ourselves - with respect and dignity.

Hockey should be fun (at any level or age).

Hockey is the greatest game in the world!

What People Saying!

"If you are looking for a goalie coach that will not only coach your child, but also make a meaningful connection with him or her, I would recommend Creed anyday!"

Sylvain P, Hockey Parent

"His positive approach and attention to detail have already had an impact on both the technical and mental approach my daughter takes into her practices and games."

Matt O, Hockey Parent